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Cara Menguji Keamanan Antivirus, Firewall, Peramban, dan Perangkat Lunak Anda

Jadi Anda memiliki program antivirus yang menjaga sistem Anda, firewall Anda aktif, browser Anda diperbarui, dan Anda tidak kehilangan patch keamanan apa pun. Tapi bagaimana memastikan pertahanan Anda benar-benar bekerja sebaik yang Anda pikirkan?

Alat ini juga dapat sangat berguna jika Anda mencoba menentukan dengan cepat seberapa aman PC orang lain. Mereka dapat menunjukkan kepada Anda seberapa banyak perangkat lunak rentan yang telah diinstal PC.

Uji Antivirus Anda

Tidak, kami tidak akan merekomendasikan mengunduh virus untuk menguji program antivirus Anda — itu adalah resep untuk bencana. Jika Anda ingin menguji perangkat lunak antivirus Anda, Anda dapat menggunakan file uji EICAR. File tes EICAR bukanlah virus yang sebenarnya — itu hanya file teks yang berisi serangkaian kode tidak berbahaya yang mencetak teks “EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!” jika Anda menjalankannya di DOS. Namun, semua program antivirus dilatih untuk mengenali file EICAR sebagai virus dan meresponsnya sama seperti mereka merespons virus yang sebenarnya.

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Anda dapat menggunakan file EICAR untuk menguji pemindai antivirus real-time Anda dan memastikannya akan menangkap virus baru, tetapi juga dapat digunakan untuk menguji jenis perlindungan antivirus lainnya. Misalnya, jika Anda menjalankan perangkat lunak antivirus di server email Linux dan Anda ingin menguji apakah itu berfungsi dengan baik, Anda dapat mengirim file EICAR melalui email melalui server email dan memastikan file tersebut ditangkap dan dikarantina.

Catatan: Sangat penting untuk menguji dan memastikan semua pertahanan Anda dikonfigurasi dengan benar dan berfungsi dengan baik, tetapi ini tidak dapat menjamin anti-virus Anda akan menangkap setiap virus baru. Karena ada virus baru setiap hari, sebaiknya tetap waspada dengan apa yang Anda unduh.

Anda dapat mengunduh file tes EICAR dari situs web EICAR. Namun, Anda juga dapat membuat file uji EICAR Anda sendiri dengan membuka editor teks (seperti Notepad), menyalin dan menempelkan teks berikut ke dalam file, lalu menyimpannya:


Your antivirus program should react as though you had just created an actual virus.

EICAR test file quarantined by Microsoft Defender.

Port Scan Your Firewall

If you’re behind a router, the router’s network address translation (NAT) feature effectively acts as a firewall, preventing other computers on the Internet from connecting to your computer. To ensure that your computer’s software is sheltered from the Internet — either with a NAT router or through a software firewall if your computer is connected directly to the Internet — you can use the ShieldsUP! test website. It will perform a port scan of your IP address, determining whether ports are open or closed at your address. You want ports to be closed to protect potentially vulnerable services from the wild west environment of the open Internet.

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Check Browser Extensions

Browser extensions aren’t as vulnerable as old browser plug-ins (especially Java and Flash) were, but you still need to keep an eye on them.

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Browser extensions only function because they can read and modify the content of the webpage you’re interacting with. The privacy and security implications of that are huge — every time you download and install a browser extension, you’re trusting that the author hasn’t included something malicious.

Of course, some browser extensions — maybe even most — are perfectly safe to use, but without auditing the code yourself, you can’t really be sure. If you’re going to use a browser extension, try to stick with extensions that have lots of users, and no complaints about malicious behavior. Additionally, make sure that the permissions the extension requests make sense for the service it provides. As an example, there is no reason for an adblocking extension to need access to your microphone and webcam; if you notice something like that, you should reconsider installing that extension.

Update Your Software

On operating systems with central software repositories (like Linux) or app stores (like iOS, Android, and the Microsoft Store found on newer versions of Windows), it’s easy to tell that all your applications are up-to-date with the latest released security patches. It’s all handled through a single tool that finds updates automatically.

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Most applications installed on Windows computers don’t have that luxury. They’re not installed through the Microsoft Store, and the updates are handled on an application-by-application basis. Luckily, a majority of applications will automatically check for their own updates. Generally, you should allow them to update unless you have a specific reason to avoid an update.

Any applications that are primarily designed to send information over the Internet (like chat apps, browsers, VPNs, etc) should be updated more often. Their updates are much more likely to contain essential security fixes.

Of course, this doesn’t cover everything. There’s no way to ensure your antivirus will catch every virus ever created  — it won’t because no antivirus is perfect. There’s no way to ensure you won’t fall prey to phishing or another social-engineering attack. But these tools will help you test some of your most important defenses and ensure they’re ready for an assault.

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